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 Refrain from advertising

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PostSubject: Refrain from advertising   April 23rd 2009, 5:47 pm

Please try to refrain yourselves from advertising this site just yet. I know, we all want to go shout from the rooftops that DooDah is creating his own network, but we want everything perfect first before we get people here. Even during this ptr time.

Otherwise, people will login, see it the way it is now, and get this bad first impression, and leave never to return. Thats the way people are. They don't think to themsevles "ok, later on I'll come back and it'll be better", they get that first impression and stick to it till the day they die. Hell, I do it myself. We all do.

What you can do is ask around for people who know how to do core work. We need at least 1 devoted core dev. We also need 1 devoted person who can fix spells. I'm gonna get a lesson on it later on tonight, hopefully, but working spells and talents is the number 1 big thing all server's need fixed. Everything else is secondary. Unless, of course, you don't want us to be better than evo, but I sure do.
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Refrain from advertising
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