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 ArcEmu + the first realm

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PostSubject: ArcEmu + the first realm   April 16th 2009, 10:29 am

yeah. I know. ArcEmu BLOWS, but, at least we can jump in feet first and running. Maybe later on, once we start getting some donations, we can buy a new test server and start messing with mangos, since we all know it's a better core.

The issue is, it's completely alien to everything we know about Ascent. The whole structure is different.

What kinds of things shall we allow for the donations? Prolly anything you all want to purchase, lol, since I am just geting started.

I'm just trying to get something up and running for us all to play on while we set ourselves up. We do fully intend an blizzlike realm ( you all know me), but we also ALL know they are slow to rise in population. So, I'm thinking more like Instant 80, 100x's exp to 90, with double the talent points. No other server I have seen has a server with double the points...and I feel that at 100X's exp just northrend alone should get you to 90 while still making you work for it . . .
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PostSubject: Re: ArcEmu + the first realm   April 16th 2009, 11:09 am

Love the idea for the instant 80 to 90 with the talents, People/Players would love that cus theres not alot like that around.

Donations for that server would be mostly all custom gear. Give me a base ill make it Smile.

Also-Mounts-Food-Enchants-Gems-All these things could be brought into the donations but ofc for a low price.
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ArcEmu + the first realm
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